How To Load Up Your Appointment Calendar With Those Who Need Your Services Without Wasting Money On Marketing That Isn't Productive!

Considering the empty spaces you now have in your appointment schedule, what if you had a reliable  way to fill your daily schedule with high value patients or clients. How would a full schedule affect your cash flow and profits?


Considering the value of each client or patient, what if your marketing costs were under $20 per new appointment, would you considering that productive marketing?

So what's the secret to getting more phone calls, more leads, and more appointments?


Watch this video and experience a paradigm shift in how you see marketing

What is the starving crowd?

Those seeking a solution to their pain, problem, or need - leaking roof, tooth ache, need to lose weight, need car insurance, plan a cruise, car repair, back ache, carpet cleaned, need a fence, etc.  


For example, this winter the headlights on my car stopped working which made it impossible to drive after dark - I had a big problem.  I took my car to our mechanic and he was able to repair the problem, plus he provided a loaner car.  I had a problem.  He solved it. I happily paid him. Everyone in the Ashburn area has one or more problems they need solved.


You are a PROBLEM SOLVER, not a business owner

Most of us think of ourselves as business owners, but in reality we are problem-solvers who solve big and small problems for people every day.  And those who help the most people, earn the most money!


Where do you find them? They are in every home and business in the Ashburn area.  When it comes to finding them, the most profitable place you can be is WHERE those who are starving (or, at least hungry) are LOOKING for WHAT you are offering.

Where Does The Starving Crowd Go To Find Their Solution?

In the OLD ECONOMY the starving crowd went to the Phone Book Yellow Pages to find a local business who could solve their problem.  For a local business, a listing in the Yellow Pages was very productive.


In the NEW ECONOMY the starving crowd now goes to Google Search to find what they want.  Today, a website listing on page 1 of Google is very productive.  Companies pay thousands of dollars each month to own that real estate.



  • Because the ROI is very good
  • Establishes the company's credibility and reputation
  • Creates a steady flow of new customers/clients/patients

Better Than Page 1 of Google

However, there is ONE marketing TOOL that is better than page 1 of Google.  It's a VIDEO on page 1 of Google.

YES, the paid ADS are very productive, but expensive.

YES, the websites are very productive, but expensive.

YES, Google Business is very productive, FREE, but limited to 3 spots.


The little known secret is VIDEO beats them all. When given a choice, 86% watch the video, then they make a phone call or visit your website.

Our Service:  Multiple videos, Multiple keywords, Multiple Times

CASE STUDY: Local Dentist Using Video

Cost per Call: $7.79

Value of New Patient: $1,860

YES! The Solution Is This Simple.....

You have a great business that solves peoples problems.  You love to make people happy and are ready and eager to help the people in the Ashburn area solve their problems.  You know that the more people you help, the greater will be your cash flow.


You now want to fill your daily appointment calendar with high value patients/clients/customers.  But you want your marketing to be simple, productive, and inexpensive.


So how much growth do you want?

Choose the option that best fits you situation:

  • One location and one basic service? Choose option 1
  • You offer up to four different services and/or have two locations? Choose option 2
  • You offer multiple solutions and/or have multiple locations? Choose option 3


Should You Get Your Videos on Page 1 of Google Before Your Competitors Do?

Considering the lifetime value of your customers, how many NEW customers, patients, and/or clients would a video on page 1 of Google need to produce each month to make it a profitable marketing tool for you?


IF UNDER 4 - Then do it. Absolutely.  No brainier. It would be dumb not to.


NOT SURE? - Try it for 5 months and determine its value to your business.


Contact me today via a phone call or provide your contact information below, and receive 2 months of FREE Service. ($396 value)


We love to make our clients happy :)


Garry Stutz



Hi, Garry Stutz here and I would like to tell you my story.


I taught high school for 15 years and then in the 1980's I started a construction company building log homes in Coeur d Alene Idaho.  During that time I became very interested in computers.  After 4 years in construction, because of my education background,  I came to the Seattle area to sell computer systems to school districts.  I also began helping construction companies set up computers system, and we called the company By Contractors, For Contractors.  Later we started Computer House Calls to service small businesses and homes. In 2005 I sold my interest in these businesses and with my wife went on a mission to Kenya Africa.


We returned in 2009 and I wanted to share my experience and knowledge of business with new start-ups and help local businesses get better results with their marketing.  So I became a SCORE volunteer with SBA and started the Small Business Training Center.  I helped over 20 businesses get started and hundreds with their marketing.


I discovered the power of video marketing a couple of years ago and am the leading consultant in the area for video marketing.  I can get video's on page one of Google and Youtube within 30 day and keep them there to the delight of my many clients. :)